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On Democracy and Leadership

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Local Actors in International Development - LocalAID 2015
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
31 May to 13 June 2015 

Local Actors in International Development (LocalAID) is a two-week study program, which offers participants insightful knowledge in the field of international development, an area that is crucial to the development and progress of post-conflict countries, societies in transition, and developing nations. 

The program is organized and administered by TBG Foundation and hosted by the King’s University. Participants will also be accommodated on campus at the King's University in Edmonton, the provincial capital of Alberta, one of Canada’s largest cities. LocalAID 2015 is our first annual Canadian Summer School on Democracy and Leadership which will take place from May 31 to June 13, 2015.  

For the duration of the program, participants will attend lectures / seminars every work day. Participants will spend the rest of their time reading the materials assigned to them, working in groups, and using the King’s University library and the Edmonton public libraries to conduct academic research.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit, as part of an organized tour, some of the main universities and other government institutions in Edmonton. During the first weekend, the participants will be taken on a one-day tour to Calgary, Alberta, one of the main international business hubs of Canada.  

At the end of the program, participants will be awarded certificates for their successful completion of the program. The deadline to apply for this program is February 23, 2015.

Lectures / Seminars

Every business day (Monday through Friday), participants in the program will attend lectures / seminars on selected topics from the field of international development. Lectures or seminars will last from three to four hours a day, depending on the topic of the day. 

The program will be led by a main lecturer with adequate training to lecture in the field. Meanwhile, for selected topics, there will be other guest lecturers from universities in Edmonton and the Provincial Government of Alberta. 

The main topics of the program include:

-         International Organizations and their Role in Local Development

-         Local Actors and the Progress of Developing Countries

-         The Politics and Diplomacy of International Development Projects

-         Young Leaders, Local Actors and Democratic Development of Post-Conflict Societies

Who May Participate? 

The program is open to anyone with a demonstrated interest in the field of international development, local perspectives on international development, or any of the main topics of the program and meets the criteria specified below. 

An applicant must meet the following criteria to be considered for admission into the program. An applicant:

-         Must be enrolled in an undergraduate or a graduate program in one of the social sciences (e.g., political science, economics, law, public administration, or a related field) at an accredited university; OR  be employed by a public or private institution in a professional position to which the program would contribute;

-         Must possess some basic knowledge of the English language—although lectures / seminars will be offered in Albanian;

-         Must have a valid passport to travel abroad;

-         Must not be under investigation or convicted of a crime;

-         Must submit a complete application and accompanying documents by the application deadline;

-         Must make all payments related to the program.

Program Cost

The cost of this program is $2,775.00. Owing to the endeavours of our Foundation, the cost for this two-week program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, will be only $1,375.00, as each admitted participant will be offered a tuition waiver scholarship in the amount of $1,400.00. The cost includes: all lectures/seminars, all reading materials for the program, access to the university and public libraries, local transportation (ETS Pass), pick up and drop off at the Edmonton International Airport, accommodation (in a furnished 6-bedroom apartment with a kitchen, common living room, internet connection, local telephone, and two bathrooms; participants will have their own bedrooms), a round trip bus ticket to Calgary, as well as lunch during each lecture / seminar. The cost does not include: airplane tickets and personal expenses. TBG Foundation can help admitted candidates arrange for group flights which are normally sold at a discount.

The organizers reserves the exclusive right to cancel the program if the number of participants does not guarantee the feasibility of the program.  

How to Apply?

Candidates who meet the criteria for admission and want to be part of this program should submit their applications by February 23, 2015.

To apply, each candidate must submit complete and submit our ONLINE APPLICATION.  Please make sure you attach / upload your CV/Resume and a Cover Letter (in either PDF or DOC format) when you submit the online application. Alternatively, you may send these documents to democracy@bislimi.org

Canadian Visa 

It is the responsibility of each candidate admitted to the program to prepare the documents required for a Canadian visa application. Once the candidate has been notified of his or her admission to the program, the candidate should prepare all the documents necessary to apply for a Canadian visa. The Foundation will provide admitted candidates key documents that confirm the purpose of the application for a Canadian visa and proof of admission to the program. 

The Canadian Embassy in Vienna, which is responsible for citizens of Kosovo wishing to apply for a Canadian visa, has the legitimate and exclusive right to decide whether to issue each applicant a visa. 

If the Embassy rejects the visa application of an admitted candidate, the Foundation will refund the candidate the full amount ($1,275.00) that he or she will have paid in advance. Payments made to the Canadian Embassy are non-refundable.

Code of Conduct and Other Conditions

In addition to the conditions and the criteria elaborated thus far, all participants in the program must abide by rules of conduct and other conditions as follows:

-         Candidates who obtain a visa must attend the program for which they have been issued the visa. If a candidate withdraws from the program after he or she has obtained a visa, the candidate forfeits the entire amount paid for the program and his or her Canadian visa may be cancelled.

-         Candidates who obtain a visa but later have to withdraw from the program due to reasons that are not under their control (e.g., a death in the family, illness in the immediate family, etc.) will be refunded 90% of the amount paid for the program (if the excused withdrawal is made prior to May 1, 2015) or 50% (if the excused withdrawal is made on or after May 1, 2015).

-         Candidates who arrive in Edmonton and begin the program, but eventually need to withdraw before they have completed the program, will receive no refund of their payment for the program.

-         During their stay in Edmonton, participants will show utmost respect for fellow participants, lecturers, and the program leader. For any issues that may eventually arise, participants should contact the program leader in Edmonton.

-         Participants must be punctual and must attend all lectures, seminars, and other official activities of the program, according to the agenda set by the program leader. The agenda will be handed out to the participants on the first day of the program.

-         Participants must comply with all the rules of King’s University, where the program will be held. Participants must also comply with all rules relating to their stay in apartments of King’s University.

-         Participants are responsible for maintaining all supplies, furniture, and living space in their apartments.

-         Participants must comply with all laws and regulations of the City of Edmonton, Province of Alberta, and of Canada.

-         Participants are responsible for their own persons and their own personal care and relieve TBG Foundation, King's University, and other parties involved in the program of any responsibility and liability.


Should you have additional question about the program, please send us an email at democracy@bislimi.org or contact one of our Foundation's representatives or offices.


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Date of Birth / Ditelindja:
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Current Address / Adresa e Banimit:
Name of College or University (you are attending or have attended) / Emri i Kolegjit ose Universitetit (qe keni vijuar ose vijoni tani):
Field of Study / Fusha e Studimeve:
Year of Study (if you've graduated, write date of graduation): / Viti i Studimeve (nese keni diplomuar, sheno daten e diplomimit):
Level of Studies / Niveli i Studimeve (BA / MA / PhD):
Citizenship / Shtetesia:
Countries you have visited in the last five years / Vendet qe keni vizituar gjate pese viteve te fundit:
Have you ever been to Canada before (if yes, write date of visit) / A keni qene ne Kanada ndonjehere me pare (nese po, sheno daten e vizites):
If employed, write name of employer and job title / Nese jeni te punesuar, sheno emrin e punedhenesit dhe titullin tuaj te punes:
Email Address / Email Adresa:
Upload your Cover Letter / Ngarko Letren Motivuese (ne formatin PDF ose DOC):
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