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TBG Foundation is wholeheartedly thankful to all of its supporters. We understand that without the help and generosity of our supporters, our programs and mission could not have been realized.
We, therefore, express special thanks and appreciation to:
Trinity Washington University
Washington, DC, USA

(for helping accommodate the Washington Winter School 2014 participants)

University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada

(for recognizing and supporting the Balkans Peace Program since 2013)

State University of Gjilan "Kadri Zeka"
Gjilan, Kosovo

(for being a local partner of the Balkans Peace Program since 2014)

Northwestern Polytechnic University
Fremont, California, United States
(for providing Education for Peace Scholarships, 2010-13)
Municipality of Gjilan
Department of Culture, Youth and Sports
(for supporting the Kosovo Thanks Canada  Art Exhibit, 2012)

Craig Art Gallery, Alderney Landing
Dartmouth, NS

(for hosting the Kosovo Thanks Canada Art Exhibit, 2012)

Saint Mary's University Library
Halifax, NS, Canada

(for book donations to the Atlantic International Library of Kosovo Project)

St. Francis and Xavier University Library
Antigonish, NS, Canada
(for book donations to the Atlantic International Library of Kosovo Project)

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Government of Canada
(for the financial support provided for our Canada Education for Peace Initiative 2010 and 2011)
Dalhousie University and its Centre for Foreign Policy Studies
Halifax, NS, Canada
(for supporting CEPI 2010 and CEPI 2011)
Texas Lutheran University 
Seguin, Texas, United States
(for providing full tuition scholarships to our EFP students, 2006-2009)
United States Agency for International Development
USAID Kosovo
(for providing general support to TBG Foundation, 2008-2009)

Kinsmen Lutheran Church and Its Members, Houston, Texas 
(for providing general support and grants to our EFP students at TLU, 2006-2010)

Kosovo Open Society Foundation (KFOS), Prishtina, Kosovo
(for supporting Tony Bislimi's trip to Canada in 2008)

Victory University College, Prishtina, Kosovo
(for providing the premises for TOEFL testing, and for supporting CEPI 2010 and CEPI 2011)

The Gjilani College, Gjilan, Kosovo
(for supporting CEPI 2010, CEPI 2011, and the Balkans Peace Program 2012)

The Albanian Canadian Association of Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada
(for supporting CEPI 2010 and CEPI 2011)

Grafika Rezniqi, Prishtina, Kosovo
(for general support with printing materials)


Penta Graphics, Prishtina, Kosovo
(for general graphic design support)

Pinguini Studio, Prishtina, Kosovo
(for general web support) 

And, many other individual supporters who have helped TBG Foundation or its programs.



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