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6 October 2006

Faton Tony Bislimi, a TLU alum (‘05), was invited by TLU President, Dr. Moline, to speak to the TLU Board of Regents on October 6.  Mr. Bislimi is founder and president of The Bislimi Group and its Education for Peace Scholarships Program (EFP). The EFP Scholarships Program provides scholarships for brilliant Kosovar students interested in getting an American quality higher education. Texas Lutheran University, is the first university that has endorsed this program and is providing four EFP scholarships annually. The first generation of EFP scholars from Kosova started their full-time studies at TLU this fall semester.  

Dr. Moline gave a very kind introduction of Mr. Bislimi before the Board of Regents. Among many other things, Dr Moline emphasized that Tony Bislimi is one of the most distinguished TLU alumni who is striving to make a difference in his native land of Kosova.  He further said that TLU was not only proud, but also honored to have had the opportunity to have amongst its student body a dedicated, hard-working, kind, loving, and caring individual and scholar, such as Tony Bislimi. 

Dr. Moline, TLU President, and Tony Bislimi

Mr. Bislimi was brief in its remarks before the Board of Regents. He instead submitted a written note to all participants (click here for the full version of the letter). However, as he was thanking TLU for having first given him the opportunity to earn an American university degree, emotions were hard to hide. With teary eyes and a sincere smile, Mr. Bislimi said, “TLU has become not only my alma mater, but also my beloved community of learning and faith, which helped me overcome all my doubts about making my dreams come true. Indeed, TLU made my dreams come true – it gave me the American quality education I dreamed of, and more than that, just in line with its motto, it gave me an education, not just a degree.” And, “if I had to decide between going to Harvard and TLU for my undergrad studies,” Mr. Bislimi continued, “I would rather choose TLU, even though I love Harvard, too.” Mr. Bislimi is currently pursuing his graduate studies in the Public Administration and International Development Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. “So, thank you for making my dreams come true, and most importantly, thank you for making so many dreams of so many deserving young Kosovars come true as well by providing the Education for Peace Scholarships.” 

The Bislimi Group is a not-for-profit organization, which strives to help build a peaceful and prosperous future for Kosova through quality education. Founded in 2006, The Bislimi Group implements the Education for Peace Scholarships Program hosted by TLU. Texas Lutheran University is an exclusively undergraduate university of the liberal arts, sciences and professional studies. Founded in 1891, TLU has been recognized repeatedly by US News & World Report magazine as one of America’s best comprehensive colleges. The university also was included in 2007 The Princeton Review list of best colleges in the western United States.

Tony Bislimi's complete remarks to TLU: Instead of a Thank You Note



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