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16 November 2010

At the invitation of the Chairman of the GEC and President of Northwestern Polytechnic University, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hsieh, respectively, Mr. Bislimi travelled to Fremont, CA to address the GEC annual conference.

Tens of university presidents, rectors, and other high ranking university officials from across the world took part in the conference. The theme of this year's conference was the environment and what universities can do to help our world preserve the environment.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Thompson welcomed all to the conference and thanked the host, NPU and its president, Dr. Hsieh, for putting together this important event. He also thanked all the participants for being at the conference despite the fact that some of them had to travel for days to be here.

Dr. Hsieh also welcomed the participants and wished them a wonderful stay at NPU and in Fremont, CA. He reiterated NPU`s commitment to the GEC`s mission and its growth in the future.

Mr. Bislimi, founder and president of the Bislimi Group Foundation, addressed the audience on the issue of the future of universities in a globalized world. He stressed the importance of learning and education for the young generations. Mr Bislimi suggested that the relationship between students and professors is a key component of the overall success of education institutions. Despite technological achievements and progress, human interaction remains as significant now as it has ever been, he pointed out.  He also called upon the heads of universities and other participants to increase cooperation and to help universities and education institutions in the worse-off areas of the world. He reminded everyone that not all peoples of the world have access to education and much less quality education. Spreading quality education all over the world should be one priority of the GEC, he called for.

Mr Bislimi`s participation in the conference was enabled by financial contributions of both NPU and Victory University College in Prishtina, Kosovo. In his capacity as Director of International Education of Victory University College, Mr Bislimi signed several cooperation agreements on behalf of VUC with several universities represented at the conference.

Mr Bislimi during his speech at the GEC conference



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