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12 September 2010

A total of five Kosovo undergraduate, full-time, students were selected to participate in the Canada Education for Peace Initiative 2010, a study tour program in part financially supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada.

The program enabled the selected students to spend a total of four weeks in the Halifax area, Nova Scotia, Canada. One of the key features of the program was a summer course that the students attended at Dalhousie University.  The course "Children and War" was taught by Dr. Shelly Whitman, who enjoyed the presence of the Kosovar students in her class. Dr. Whitman was pleased with their participation in class activities and their presentation of Kosovo.

Apart from attending this intensive summer course at Dalhousie University, the participants of the CEPI 2010 project that were hosted by the Albanian Canadian Society of Halifax, namely, the family of Mr. Nijazi Muji, visited several other educational institutions in the Halifax area, such as Saint Mary's University and Mount Saint Vincent University.  They took organized trips to cultural and historic sites of Nova Scotia, including visits at museums and local and provincial institutions based in Halifax.

Participants of this program were full-time students of the Victory University College in Prishtina and Gjilani College in Gjilan, Kosovo: Ms Kosovare Abazi (International Politics and Diplomacy major, Victory UC), Ms Adelina Jerliu (Business Economics major, Gjilani College), Mr Alban Hyseni (Law major, Gjilani College), Mr Lirim Greicevci (International Politics and Diplomacy major,  Victory UC, who unfortunately could not make it to Canada because of family reasons), and Mr Bardhyl Dauti (International Politics and Diplomacy major).

All of the student participants of CEPI 2010 were extremely thankful to their host, the Muji Family, the organizer TBG Foundation, and DFAIT and other supports of the project. They said that this was an enriching experience both educationally and socially for them.

The implementation of CEPI 2010, apart from the grant it received from the DFAIT, was also supported by the Victory University College, Gjilani College, the Albanian Canadian Association of Halifax, the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University, and Dalhousie University.

The Bislimi Group Foundation wishes to sincerely thank the DFAIT and the rest of the supporters that helped in the implementation of this important educational project. 


Some Student Pictures from the CEPI 2010 Project (August 2010):

Bardhyl, Alban, Kosovare, and Adelina along with their host family's two daughters (Dora and Vesa Muji) enjoy their first day in Halifax after a long trip from Prishtina

Adelina, Alban, and Kosovare on their first day at Dalhousie University

Students visit a Halifax museum

A student pictures of perfect sunset off the shores of Halifax



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