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Welcome to the official website of The Bislimi Group Foundation and the Kosova Educational Exchange Center.  Because of our belief that quality education is key to building a peaceful and prosperous nation, we do our best in making sure quality education opportunities are provided to all those deserving them.

The Bislimi Group (TBG) Foundation is headquartered in Prishtina, Kosovo, with points of contact available in the United States and Canada, as well. 

The mission of the TBG Foundation is to help in the building of peaceful and prosperous societies through quality education opportunities offered to students and professionals. 

At TBG Foundation, we are proud to deliver several key programs, such as the Education for Peace Scholarship Program, Balkans Peace Program, Canada Education for Peace Initiative, Washington School on International Development and Politics, and the Canadian Summer School on Democracy. Other services we provide include the establishment of educational and academic exchange programs between universities based in Kosovo and the Balkans region and foreign universities; organizing of study tours and other educational and cultural activities; study abroad workshops, etc. 

At our Prishtina office, we offer TOEFL iBT testing as a Certified Testing Administration Site for ETS, and provide translation and evaluation of credentials, transcripts, and other academic documents. 

Our work has been initially focused in Kosova (Kosovo), a newborn country in Europe, with about half of its population under the age of 25.  Talented and hardworking, this whole generation of young people of Kosova is the foundation based on which Kosova’s future will be built.   The stronger this foundation is, the better the future will be. Quality education is an essential part of creating such a strong foundation – thus, we strive to provide quality education opportunities for young Kosovars willing and qualified to study in the United States and Canada, two of the leading world democracies and homes to world renown universities.

While Kosova’s students could benefit tremendously from an opportunity to study abroad – either in the United States or Canada – their host American or Canadian universities would also be rewarded with talented students that will unequivocally become some of their most notable alumni in the future.   Helping one Kosovar earn a quality education is providing a reputable leader for tomorrow’s Kosova. Together, we can make sure that this recent war-torn country leaves its past behind and builds a bright future, a functioning independent, democratic, and free state. 

As we have grown over the years, we have expanded our range of programs to include more people from more countries.

Please explore our programs to learn more about our work and ways in which you can help.


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The Balkans Peace Program - Summer 2015: International Development, Politics, and Post-Conflict Societies
coming soon

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March 28, 2013

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February 1, 2013

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January 15, 2013

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June 28, 2012

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April 30, 2012

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